Trinity Serene Reed

November 15, 2019 - November 17, 2019

At 11:39pm on 11/15/19 our beautiful angel Trinity Serene Reed was born so sweet and perfect. A head full of brown hair and the prettiest little brown eyes we've ever seen. On 11/16/19 she started to show us just how to good she was for this world. We done what we thought was best for her and tried to give her as much support as we could. But as time went on we realized that we was doing more harm then good and we decided it was time to let her be at peace. On 11/17/19 around 530am our angel went back home. We are thankful for the time that we had with her. We are thankful that we got to see her first smile, and we are thankful she isnt in pain or suffering. She took a piece of us with her when she went but we will always hold a piece of her close to my heart.

Guest book

Becky Moran

November 22, 2019

I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful baby girl. I know what it's like to lose something special to you. May god comfort you all during this difficult time of loss. Amen.