Mary Lorraine Predny

December 21, 1974 - October 20, 2022

Mary Lorraine Predny, 47, of Floyd, passed away on Thursday October 20,2022. Mary was a beloved mother of dog Luey, daughter of Faye, sister of Robin, Laura, John (Staci), and Emily (Colin), aunt to Raina, Shane, Tristan and Veronica, has gone to be with her beloved grandparents, her aunts and uncles, her father Bob and her brother Christopher. It is with very heavy hearts that we sit here today missing a piece of us. They say that losing a sibling is like losing a limb, and that is a very appropriate saying for our sister Mary. If you knew my sister Mary, you would know that she did amazing creative things with her limbs. She danced joyfully. She made beautiful music with her baritone, guitar, fiddle, and banjo. She farmed the land and grew delicious produce to sell at the farmers’ market. She created magical things with a sewing machine, knitting needles, and jewelry pliers. If you knew my sister Mary, you also would know that she used those limbs fearlessly. She bungee jumped. She repelled down mountainsides. She climbed at the peaks of the Appalachians where the tree roots were bigger than her body. If you knew my sister Mary, you also would know that she used those limbs intelligently. She designed her own prom dress (twice!) from thrift store finds. She played the meanest game of Boggle this side of the Mississippi. She looked up at the skies and learned about the stars and the planets and the moon phases. If you knew my sister Mary, you also would know that her limbs couldn’t support all of that intelligence, fearlessness and creativity. She struggled with her back and her legs in the past few years. She attempted, with great courage and determination, to navigate life without the use of some of her limbs. If you knew my sister Mary, you especially would know that Mary wouldn’t want you to remember her like that. She would want you to remember her walking through the fields of her farm, her dog Luey running up ahead of her, chasing deer. She would want you to remember her dancing at the Floyd Country Store, her heels and toes click clacking on the wooden dance floor. She would want you to remember her standing at her farmers’ market stand greeting customers looking for some goodies from Ms. Merry Peas farm. She would want you to remember her, joyful, laughing, eyes bright, a witty or insightful or thoughtful comment leaping from her tongue. Mary says that our souls chose to journey through this life together, and our spirits will meet again in eternity. A memorial to celebrate Mary's life will be scheduled later. We will all remember, Mary. Until we meet again. - The Predny Family

Guest book

Laura Predny

Micanopy, FL
October 28, 2022

Mary was my dearest sister and life-long best friend. She was an old, beautiful soul & wild, free spirit that was too precious for this world. I will miss her beyond words but I know that her light will shine down on me from up above in heaven and the stars. LCP